Auto & RV Interiors

Is the Fabric, Seats, and Carpet in Your Car or Truck Starting to Look Soiled?

Like All of Us, We Use Our Vehicles Every Day and there is only Small Places to Put our Feet…The End Result Means that the Floor Mats and Carpet Become Soiled and Stained Very Quickly.

Thankfully, the Friendly Technicians at Long’s have the Training, Skills, and Tools to Freshen Up the Interior!

Our IICRC Certified Technicians are Pro’s at Removing Spots, Soil, and Stains from the Carpet and Upholstered Seats in Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, and Semi’s!

Is it Time to Freshen Up the RV or Camper?

The Smaller Spaces of Our RV’s, Campers, and Boats get a lot of use when its time for Fun.

After Lots of Use, the Carpet, Upholstery, and Fabrics Start to Show Their Wear.

The Friendly Staff at Long’s can come to your Location and Freshen Up the Interior so You Can Enjoy it for Many Years!