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What is Lurking?

What is Lurking in Your Home?

What is Hidden in Your Carpet and Ducts?

Dustmites and Allergens!

How Do They Affect Your Home and the Health of Your Family?

Stay Tuned for More Details . . .

Quality Steps

Only Long’s Does All This in the Ohio Valley: Quality Care Steps Inspection Step – We find the Areas of Special Concern and determine the Safest Way to clean them. Deep Vacuuming – We use equipment far more powerful than home vacuums to vacuum Before Cleaning. Pre-spotting – We do like You Do for laundry… Continue Reading

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

How often should I clean my carpet? That’s a really good question. Most experts agree that cleaning your carpet at least once per year is the recommended procedure.  Homes with lots of traffic, children, or pets benefit from having the carpet cleaned every 6 months.  Why? Soil is abrasive.  Each time we walk on our… Continue Reading

Recent Blog News

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! — Long’s was again Voted #1 in the Ohio Valley! Thanks to your support, we received “The Times Leader – Best of the Ohio Valley – Reader’s Choice Award!” Continue Reading