How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

How often should I clean my carpet?

That’s a really good question.

Most experts agree that cleaning your carpet at least once per year is the recommended procedure.  Homes with lots of traffic, children, or pets benefit from having the carpet cleaned every 6 months.  Why?

Soil is abrasive.  Each time we walk on our carpet, soil tears at the fiber causing permanent damage.  With regular vacuuming and cleaning the carpet every 6 months to a year, there is less soil to damage the carpet fibers.

In fact, if you check most carpet manufacturer’s warranty requirements, they specify that carpet should be cleaned at least annually to maintain the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Are there other benefits to cleaning the carpet?

Absolutely!  Besides making the carpet look clean and fresh, It improves indoor air quality.  How?

Carpet acts as a sponge or air filter for the home.  Air particles, dust, and germs are captured in the carpet fibers.  As we walk on the carpet, not only do we damage the fiber, but we continue to release these things back into the air.  Regular carpet cleaning removes these unwelcome guests so your home stays healthier and your carpets look clean and fresh.

Since the carpet is acting like a filter, does it make sense just to get rid of it?  No!  Why?

Because without the carpet serving as a “filter” all the airborne debris continues to stir throughout the home, causing our lungs to breathe in far more than we should!

Several years ago, in Sweden, carpet was banned from public places thinking it would improve indoor air quality.  However, just the opposite happened.  Studies showed a dramatic decrease in the indoor air quality.  After seeing the results, authorities, quickly changed the ruling and began encouraging carpet to be installed in the places it was previously banned.

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