Quality Steps

Only Long’s Does All This in the Ohio Valley:

Quality Care Steps

  1. Inspection Step – We find the Areas of Special Concern and determine the Safest Way to clean them.
  2. Deep Vacuuming – We use equipment far more powerful than home vacuums to vacuum Before Cleaning.
  3. Pre-spotting – We do like You Do for laundry problem spots by treating Before they go in the wash.
  4. Rinse and Vacuum – We thoroughly remove soil and moisture.
  5. Drying – Special Dryers cut drying time in half.
  6. Grooming – We lift the pile so it dries soft and fluffy.
    NO ONE
    We Know Does All This

What’s interesting about all those steps?  Those are the steps outlined for a proper cleaning.  Those steps are the standards established by the Carpet and Rug Institute. 

Long’s is the Only Company in the Ohio Valley who does each of these procedures to ensure the Most Thorough Cleaning Possible!

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